Polisport ProOctane Can 20L with std cap + Quick Fill Valve

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Beschikbaar via nabestelling

Beschrijving ProOctane is a high-quality heavy-duty can homologated to comply with ADR standards (valid for Europe), which makes it safe and legal to transport fuel on roads and not only for Off-Road use. The can is produced with highly durable and resistant walls and includes a leak-proof cap for transport. The cap has also an oil/fuel mix gauge so you can identify the fuel mix and, with the utility can, comes an oil mixer included.  


  • For an Extremely fast pour rate
  • Has an auto shut-off system system to avoid fuel spilling
  • Quick Fill Spout diameter: 37mm
  • Includes a locking device to avoid spills

ProOctane + Quick Fill Spout includes: 

- Polisport utility can (10L/20L)
- Transportation Cap
- Quick Fill Spout


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